NEW Equipment for our Gym

We want you to know that we are trying our best in a challenging situation and we want everyone to feel safe. As we enter this new phase and we reopen our doors we want to ensure all of our Capital Strong families and all of our athletes that your health is our number one priority at this time. We want you to come back and we have diligently worked on purchasing and installing new equipment and cleaning products that will help all of us. 
First, We have purchased eight Air Scrubbers for our HVAC systems.
You can find more information about this new product on the link: ActivePure by Aerus

We certainly feel that the first line of defense in keeping our gym safe is the HVAC. Also, we have removed all ductwork to prevent any particles from remaining on the ventilation system. These scrubbers will allow us to run our A/C units as we return to the gym in the upcoming weeks.
Next, we have converted all paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and faucets to hands-free units. This change allows our customers to wash their hands frequently without touching surfaces. 
For safety and disinfecting procedures we will be using Bioesque 
It is a botanical-based solution that can be sprayed directly on any surface and does not have to be rinsed. We will be applying Bioesque in two different ways; through a hand-held sprayer and a ULV fogger. We hope that these additions to our facility, we will help mitigate any potential spread of illness. 
Please stay safe, and God bless.
Capital Gymnastics Staff