Phase Two: Gym opening

We are very excited about opening our facility on the dates below: 
Monday, June 22, 2020: Team practices will resume 
Wednesday, July 1st, 2020: All recreational classes will resume.
Everyone who enters the facility will be required to wear a mask, have their temperature read by an infrared thermometer, answer a short health questionnaire, and remove their shoes. Team athletes will be required to have a five-gallon bucket for their belongings. In the bucket, all athletes are required to have the following:
  • water bottle
  • hand sanitizer
  • roll of athletic tape
  • band-aids
  • extra hair ties for long hair
Additional items for gymnasts:
  • grips
  • block of chalk
  • container for chalk
  • water spray bottle
  • gloves
  • straps
Additional items for cheerleaders:
  • cheer shoes 
Additional items for T&T athletes.
  • Socks for trampoline (or trampoline shoes)          
We will reinforce social distancing for our athletes. Furthermore, coaches will be required to wear masks for the entire time they are in the gym. Also, they will be required to keep a separate pair of shoes that stay at the gym. Coaches will not be permitted to spot during July training or if we receive clarification from the Governor.  Athletes will be required to wear masks upon entering and will not be able to remove it until they start apparatus training (Governor’s mandate: masks must be worn unless exercising). Upon completion of each rotation, they will be required to put their mask back on and wash their hands. 
We will open with approximately 25% of our allotted occupancy, which will allow roughly 100 people in the facility. This number includes coaches, athletes, and parents. We must control the number of people in the gym at any given time. Based on SafeSport regulations, we cannot restrict parents from viewing workouts. However, SafeSport does allow for Closed Circuit Video to meet that criterion. Therefore, we are adding surveillance cameras to cover all areas of the gym except for bathrooms.
This system will allow parents to log on and view entire workouts from the comfort of their home or car. Until restrictions are lifted, team parents will not be allowed to stay in the gym for their athlete’s workouts. Our strategy for in-gym training will be to minimize the amount of time in the gym but maximize the time on the equipment.
No workout will be longer than three hours a day in the gym. We will combine our Zoom training with the in-gym hours for a total number of hours of instruction.
Also, training hours will be from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Sunday. Yes, you could have an in-gym workout on Saturday or Sunday evening. With a limited number of occupants allowed in the gym, we must use all available hours during the week. For those parents that do not wish to return to in-gym training, we will be offering Zoom only training with their appropriate group. At any point after July 1st you are welcome to join us for in-gym training. Tuition will be pro-rated in these circumstances.
CGNTC will provide masks for all athletes at no charge, plus gymnasts will receive one block of chalk at no cost. Additional chalk and masks can be purchased for $5 per mask and $3 per block of chalk. 
Please do not send anyone to the facility if you think that they might be sick.
From our Capital family to yours… we will see you soon! 
Capital Gymnastics Staff