Evaluations for Classes


If your child has never been a student at our facility, they first need to have an evaluation to determine their level. 

Evaluations can be scheduled through the office by calling 703-239-0044. They are scheduled Monday through Friday 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm, every 10 minutes. Saturday options are available as well.

Previous students may enroll at the level they were when they were an active member, within 1 year.  If inactive for more than a year, we recommend an evaluation.

Once your child’s level is determined, you may enroll them through  our website. Go to Recreational Classes, select the category, then select the class you want to enroll them in. Follow the enrollment procedure.

Our eight-week Sessions are on-going, so you don’t have to wait until the beginning of a session for your child to start classes. Enrollment can begin during an on-going session. Price for the session will be prorated for the number of classes remaining in the session.

There will be no refunds. You are paying for a slot in the class for that 8-week session regardless of your child’s attendance. You will not be charged for further lessons unless you fail to notify the office of your intent to drop out

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