Rules and Policies

WELCOME TO CAPITAL GYMNASTICS NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER – Our goal is to make this experience exciting and memorable for your family. For this to happen, it is important for you and your child to understand the rules and policies. Please take the time to read the following:  (Please note that registration is not complete until you have signed the release form).

1. REGISTRATION – Due to insurance regulations, Registration/enrollment MUST be done in person by child’s parent or legal guardian. This is strictly enforced.  NO persons are allowed on the workout floor unless accompanied by a coach.  Please remain in the parent observation area which is on the bleachers along the wall or in the seating available in the tiled area.

2. ARRIVAL – *Entrance is through the glass doors. Upon arrival, children may stow all belongings in the cubbies. Children wait in the lobby area or on the red section along the cubbies until a coach leads them to the floor for warm up. All classes warm-up together. When warm up finishes, children go to their assigned coach. PRESCHOOL: Please sit on the edge of the mat at the class bar area, which is to your right, before you reach the lobby.

3. DISMISSAL – Children are dismissed from class at the lobby area. Please instruct your child to go to the office if you or the person designated to pick them up are not at the gym. Children must remain inside the building until you or the person designated to pick them up has arrived. No child has permission to leave the building unless accompanied by an adult. Please be prompt on pickup.  Exit door is in the lobby area.

4. WHAT TO WEAR – Female students must wear a leotard and tie their hair back. NO MIDRIFFS. Torso must be covered. Male students are to wear shorts and a T-shirt (no buckles, buttons, snaps or zippers). NO JEWELRY is to be worn.


6. MAKE-UPS – As a courtesy, we offer make-up classes for your child to participate in. NO MAKE-UPS OFFERED IN REGULAR CLASS TIMES.

***Class MUST be missed before a make-up can be scheduled.*** If a scheduled make-up is missed, it may not be rescheduled.

Reservations must be made in advance by calling the gym office the week of the desired make-up, as make-ups are scheduled one week at a time. Students have 30 days to do a make-up for a missed class. 

If you pro-rated the summer session, NO MAKE-UPS are allowed for any classes missed. 

NO MAKE-UPS are needed for our SCHEDULED CLOSINGS as they are built into the schedule.

7. PARENT PORTAL – Once enrolled you have access to our Parent Portal. From this portal, you can see the class your child is enrolled in as well as their coaches name. You have the ability to view your account and make payments at your covenience. To access your Parent Portal, go to our website, select “Classes”, select “Parent Log In”, select “Already Registered”. You will then be at the Jackrabbit sign in page. Use the e-mail you gave us upon enrollment and click “need to get started”. Jackrabbit will send you a temporary password. Follow their prompts to log in.

8. PAYMENT POLICY – Payment is due upon enrollment. Subsequent payments are due for an 8-week session prior to the sessions start date. The payment is due by the 7th class of the current session. A penalty of $10 is automatically applied if payment is not received by the 7th class of the current session. If payment is not made by the 8th class in the session, your child’s spot will be forfeited.  There is a $25 fee for any returned payments.  You may place your credit card on file in the office to make future payments easier or go to the parent portal and make payment yourself.  Any questions, please speak to management immediately.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. If you agree to put your credit card on file for tuition payments,  it will be charged on the FIRST day of the payment due week. TO AVOID CHARGES ON YOUR CARD,  YOU MUST NOTIFY THE OFFICE TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE FIRST PAYMENT DUE DATE.

9. INJURIES – If your child incurs an injury OUTSIDE the gym (i.e. at home or school) that prevents them from taking their gymnastics class, we require a Dr.’s note indicating they cannot participate in gymnastics. The note must also include the date of the injury and the length of time of non-participation. You will have the option to withdraw your child from class and have a credit for the remainder of the session OR if you wish to keep their spot, we will give ½ credit of the remaining classes and ½ make ups. If the injury occurs here while in class, monies will be frozen and their spot is reserved for the length of time needed for recovery. A Dr.s  note will also be required per our insurance company.

10. DROPS – If your child is planning on discontinuing, please notify the office BEFORE the 7th lesson of the current session. If we do not receive notification, you may be charged for the full session.

11. INCLEMENT WEATHER – If the gym is changing the schedule due to inclement weather, we will inform you of any closings or changes on our phone message system, on our webpage, and if time permits through e-mail. Our phone number is 703.239.0044 or 703.239.0046. Our website is  “Like” us on Facebook (Capital Gymnastics National Training Center) to receive updates on gym happenings.  NO CREDIT for missed classes due to inclement weather. Make ups will be offered.


13. REMINDERS – Gymnasts are not to be distracted by parents during practice. You have entrusted us to teach your child. It is important that you do not “coach” your child from the side. Please speak to management or arrange an appointment with the coach if you need to address issues with your child’s class.
14. PARKING – Below are areas for parking at CGNTC.

a. Lower parking lot, which is to the left before you drive up the hill to the gym. There are a set of steps that lead to the road in front of the gym.  Please use caution when crossing the road.

b. Upper lots. There are two. One directly in front of the gym and one to the left of the entrance as you are looking at the gym. For the lot directly in front of the gym, please BACK your vehicle into the spots closest to the road.

c. Along the fence across the road from the gym. This area belongs to Burke Conservatory, but they allow us to park there.

15. *NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY* For the safety of all athletes NO flash photography is allowed.

16. ADVANCEMENT TO NEXT LEVEL – If your child advances to the next level, he/she will receive a certificate and/or a “report card” from their instructor. You must bring the certificate or report card to the office to validate they have advanced to the level.  You will then choose their new class with office personel.  If there is no room in your desired class, you will be placed on a wait list of your choice.  If placed on a wait list, the child continues in their current class/level until you receive a call that a spot is open. 

17.  SOCIAL MEDIA – We are promoting our classes and camps we offer at Capital Gymnastics NTC through social media.  We will have a photographer visiting the gym periodically to take “action” photos of our classes and camps. If you do not want photos taken of your child, please notify the office. We will comply with your decision.