April 8th, 2019 


On May 19th of this year, Special Olympics VA Area 26 will hold their Gymnastics meet at Capital Gymnastics National Training Center. Jay Hoffmeier has been the director of this program for 30 years leading the Cheer and Gymnastics team of Northern Virginia. His goal is to promote basic life skills, health and fitness and a sense of community for these athletes. 

The Special Olympics team is a community-based program organized by volunteers and coaches from Capital Gymnastics who help in every way. Capital Gymnastics has been hosting and supporting this Special Olympics team since it began and we are excited to have them again this year. 

As Mr. Hoffmeier explained, this group is more than just a team, it’s a community, “they are different people when they come to competition, they glow. Whether they come in first, second, third, they go beaming saying I won! and then they go back to the classroom and show the regular students, look what I did” 

At the moment, this Special Olympics VA team is the only viable program in the state of Virginia. The team consists of more than 40 athletes, ages ranging from 5 to almost 40 years old and they get to practice 52 weeks a year. 

Take a look at Mr. Jay Hoffmeier’s full interview https://youtu.be/ypu7-QIaMA4