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Classes - General Information

Our schedule is subject to change and some classes may be full at this time.  Please check in the office if you have any questions.  All class schedules are current and posted online.

            Boys Recreational Classes (coming soon)
            Girls Level 1-2, Level 2-3, Level 3-4, Level 4-5, Level 5-6, Level 6-8, Level 9-10
            Click here for Cheer Classes. (coming soon)

How long are your sessions?
Our eight-week Sessions are on-going, so you don't have to wait until the beginning of a session for your child to start classes.  Enrollment can begin during an on-going session.  Price for the session will be prorated for the number of classes remaining in the session.
Can I HOLD a class?

Classes cannot be held.  Payment is due at the time of enrollment.  All student enrollments must be done in person, by a parent or legal guardian.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

In addition to class fees, are there any other costs?           
Our membership fee/child is $35.  Membership fees are annual, valid from the time of enrollment through August (prorated through the year).  Please come to the office to see current class prices and schedule.  NOTE: Credit and Debit cards are subject to a 4% administrative fee.  There are NO REFUNDS.

What should my child wear?           
For girls, any leotard, bare feet, long hair tied back and no jewelry. For boys, sweat pants in winter, shorts in the summer, no buckles or belts. T-shirts should be tucked in and no socks.

When is my child's class payment due?
Payment is due in ADVANCE of the 7th class of current session.  When you register, you will receive a gym
calendar and the payment due dates are marked in the black box.  Additionally, we will post reminders around the gym. Checks, cash or credit cards are accepted for payments.  A penalty of $10 is automatically applied if payment is not received on the due date. There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.  Any class which is not paid by the last class if the session will be considered a forfeiture and the student will be removed from the class.
What do I do if my child misses a class?
We realize that perfect attendance is impossible.  Therefore, we offer make-up classes for your child.  The
class must be missed prior to scheduling a make-up class.  You have up to two months to schedule and take the class.  Please contact the office for days and times of scheduled make-up classes.  For preschool and cheer classes, please contact the instructor to arrange the make-ups.  Reservations must be made in advance by calling the gym office the week of the desired make-up class. NOTE: No make-ups are needed if your class falls on a scheduled closing date, as they are not part of the 8-week session.  If you are scheduling a make-up class, you MUST have office staff confirmation.
How do I drop out of a class?
You must notify the office (not the instructor) of your intent to discontinue by the payment due date. If we do not receive notification, you may be charged for the full session.

Can I get a refund if my child decides mid-session that she/he no longer wants to do gymnastics?
There will be no refunds. You are paying for a slot in the class for that 8-week session regardless of your child's attendance. You will not be charged for further lessons unless you fail to notify the office of your intent to drop out.
How do I find out if the gym is open during inclement weather?
You can either check the website or call the gym at 703-239-0044 or 46.  Any changes or cancellations will be noted there.